NEW INSTRUMENTSSebastian Skarp has a small and exclusive production of new instruments made with his extensive knowledge of the violins by the old Italian masters like Stradivari. Mr Skarp is guided by his profound passion to obtain the the perfect instrument with a great sound and soul.

His approach to The level of precision and accuracy applied throughout the making process sets his instruments apart. Referring not only to photographs and measurements, Sebastian Skarp has also original instruments to hand. This allows an unrivalled degree of study, and results in instruments which closely matches the original in appearance, character and sound.

Instruments made by the Old Italian Masters are some of the most sought-after in the world. Sebastian has spent decades studying these instruments, and has perfected the craft of new making to the point that distinguished soloists like Janine Jansen have commented on how much his violins sound and feel like the old Grand masters violins to play.

Janine Jansen about her violin made by Sebastian Skarp:

”Bravo! It has soul and ease to play, I am very happy to buy your instrument”

The atelier of Sebastian Skarp offers qualified help with selling your instrument or bow.

Mr Skarp has an excellent national and international reputation with customers, which will help you to obtain the best price on the market as possible.

We can assist in answering any question concerning the sale and we do provide certificates of authenticity if missing. We also do insurance valuations in order to guarantee you a good rela-tionship with the buyer.

Mr Skarp will help to value your instrument or bow properly and can offer the expertise necessary to undertake any restoration or repair work which must be done in order to optimise your instrument to facilitate a sale.